From some of our clients

"Thank you so much for providing the customized training! It was absolutely what I have been wanting.something tailored to our needs. I have always struggled with where to go to get accurate and reliable export information. You're it! You answered so many unanswered questions. As I said during the training, I understand more about letters of credit after our brief class than I learned working with forwarders and banks over the last 24 years." - Grafil Inc.

"Your seminar was the topic of my morning discussion with my coworkers. We've all attended international training in the past but as I was telling them this morning, Allocca's top them all. The information was very clear and concise. I left yesterday without feeling overwhelmed with unclear details." - Railroad Friction Products Corporation

"Thank you for the wonderful training session yesterday. I found the seminar to be very informative and look forward to attending future seminars." - CommScope

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for offering the training course last week. It was the best course I've ever participated in. I think you are great and your course seems to cover just about everything!! I really want to commend you on a great teaching job. Not only did you explain everything in detail, but more importantly, you took your time to be sure that everyone understood. It was really an awesome experience. Keep doing what you do!! Please be sure to email me on any other seminars you may have in the future." - Global Textile Partners

"Your knowledge coupled with your hands-on experience pushed your presentation to new heights. I have seen many presentations before, but yours was excellent both in on point subject matter and in presentation." - Port Director US Customs and Border Protection

"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that your presentation was wonderful. Not only did it reinforce that we were actually doing some things right, but made me aware of some things to watch out for and gave me a wealth of information as to where to look for answers to any questions or concerns that I might have now or in the future. Again, thank you for a great program and to top it all off, the food was great. Please keep us in mind for future seminars." - Bryant Grinder

"The Export Compliance Seminar was a real class act. Very informative, a relaxed atmosphere, the classroom was perfect for your presentation, and your handouts great. Every question was answered professionally." - Bryant Grinder

"It was well worth the money and I can see us using you in the future." - Northern Power

"Your import compliance seminar was fantastic. Feel free to use Concept2 as a reference." - Concept2

"It was one of the best seminars that I've been too" - Thermon

"Your seminar just saved my company $2,000 today in duty." - Medical Carbon

"Since she left I've taken over quite a bit of her import duties, and I must say that if it wasn't for taking one of your seminars I'd be doing horrible." - First Light Technologies

"This is the best program I've taken. I plan on throwing all my other reference books away and only keeping yours as my bible. I wish all my co-workers & supervisors would take your class!" - Troxler Electronics

"Thank you AGAIN for such a great class. The information I've gained will be vital in my job responsibilities." - SGL Group

"Class Exceeded my expectations. Very Interesting & easy to understand." - Leech Industries

"I learned more in your international documentation class then I did over the last 20 years. You really made me understand it. Thank you" - Adams Manufacturing

"Very well worth my time, anyone involved in shipping internationally should take this (International Documentation) seminar!" - East Penn Mfg Co.

"Your class was one of the most professional well organized classes I have been to." - L-3 Communications

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great class yesterday. I learned even more than I had bargained for and I know that I will be able to improve K-Flex USA's shipping policies based on the information you provided. I have a meeting Monday with my supervisor to show/discuss the resources we got in class." - K-Flex USA

"I just wanted to share my kudos with you, because it was your informative seminar that not only set us in motion towards becoming compliant, but is also helping me to achieve higher career goals. " - McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies