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Export Compliance Training Book

This is a 139 page overview of U.S. export compliance touching upon many different areas from licensing, wood requirements, incoterms, documentation to free trade agreements. You will have an 11 point checklist to guide you to full compliance on every export. This will be beneficial for the new to export up to the advanced.

Price: $75.00
Incoterms® 2020 - official ICC publication

This 193-page book will show you the new 11 incoterms®. They are valid for approximately 10 years. They are essential tools for any international or domestic shipper.

Price: $75.00
Incoterms® 2020 reference chart

This is a shippers guide to an overview of Incoterms® at one glance.

Price: $25.00
USMCA - US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

This is a 111 page guidebook on USMCA compliance. There is a 16-point USMCA checklist to guide you to compliance along with common errors to avoid. There is a sample USMCA proof of eligibility with the nine (9) required minimum data elements. Along with how to complete each field. There are two USMCA rule of origin examples as well as a free trade agreement guide to the other 13 U.S. free trade agreements.

Price: $75.00
International Documentation

This is a 87 page guidebook to completing all of your export documents. There is a 13 point checklist to guide to documentation compliance. There is a sample customer profile with the 5 required export questions, a sample classifications spreadsheet, an incoterms 2020 chart , a sample commercial invoice, packing list, and instructions on how to complete the SED/EEI. There is much more jammed packed into this helpful guidebook.

Price: $75.00
Import Compliance

This is a 158 page import reference guidebook. Staring with a 17 point import checklist and then discussing the roles and responsibilities of the importer, forwarder and customs broker. It has the general rules of interpretation , sample customs audit assessment questionnaires, 9 common errors found during a customs audit, and much more.

Price: $75.00
How to prepare for an Import & Export audit

This s a 213 page guidebook for preparing for both import and export audits. This includes roles and responsibilities of import and exporter, disclosure instructions, best practices and mitigating factors to your advantage. This is full of checklists, common errors, sample questionnaires, customs common errors and much more. The best time to prepare for an audit is now, before you have one.

Price: $75.00
U.S. Export Controls

This is a 127 page guidebook on how to determine if your product requires a U.S. export license. There are two checklists , one for overall export compliance and a 10 point export controls checklist. Also included are the roles & responsibilities and common errors of exporters. There are samples of the denial lists, 10 general prohibitions, De Minimis rule and deemed exports. This is an important and often overlooked aspect of export license, determining if a license is required. Most companies don't realize that an export can be license any one of four ways, product, country, end user and end use. This guidebook is a must have.

Price: $75.00
International Banking

This is a 69 page guide book, mainly focusing on letters of credit (L/C). There is a great example of a buyer L/C application with instructions on how to complete each field. There is a sample of routing order instructions, a sample actual letter of credit, along with a matching commercial invoice and packing list and swift telex definitions. Additionally there is a checklist for the beneficiary and examples of drafts along with a glossary of banking terms definitions.

Price: $75.00
Introduction to HTS/Schedule B classification

This is a 129 page guidebook to assist you in understanding how to classify your products. The General Rules of Interpretation (GRI) , the search engines and Customs ruling on line search system are helpful ways to classify your product. Also included in this guidebook are the classification of sets, customs examples of classification according to each GRI, and the specific classifications listed in chapter 98. This is a helpful guidebook for both imports and exporters.

Price: $75.00
Creating an Export Management Compliance Program

This is a 143 page guidebook to assist an exporter in how to write an EMCP. It includes an EMCP structure, sample compliance letter and a sample policy statement. It includes an outline of a sample table of contents. It also includes sample questions for you to develop your EMCP around for each element within an EMCP. It also lists best practices to include in your EMCP.

Price: $75.00
Why Comply – A program for Senior Management

This is a 67 page book to assist senior management in understanding the roles & responsibilities of importers and exporters. It includes an import/export checklist. It includes (10) ten best practices and (9) nine common errors to avoid both from customs on imports. It has common errors to avoid for exporters and best practices on how to write an EMCP. An overview of Free trade agreements and Incoterms® .as well as an overview of Sarbanes Oxley, cargo insurance, foreign trade zones and voluntary self-disclosures.

Price: $75.00
ITAR – International Traffic in Arms Regulations

This is a 149 page guidebook on ITAR. Not only does it include the ITAR regulations, it covers sample forms and how to complete them. It includes getting started with DECCS, ITAR diversionary clauses, Commodity Jurisdiction FAQ’s, AES filing, ITAR Exemptions, sample TCP plan and much more.

Price: $75.00